New Car Keys

Car Key Cutting and Duplicating

Over the last few decades, car keys have evolved into more high tech security keys. Most new car keys not only need to be cut with a specific machine but also need to be programmed into the vehicle. Many people believe that only dealerships can provide these types of keys but they are mistaken. Usually locksmiths can cut and program all car keys and at a fraction of the cost. Here at Adams Lock & Safe, we keep up with all the new technology involved with cutting and programming car keys so we can be sure to offer our customers a complete solution to their car key problem.

Car Key Duplication

Duplicating a car key┬áis significantly cheaper than cutting and programming an entirely new car key. If you happen to find yourself in a sticky situation, more often than not, it’s a good idea to have a spare key made before you accidentally misplace your keys. Not only will this helpful trick save you time, but money as well. So before you forget, call us to get a fast and affordable duplicate car key made!

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